Temporary Barrier System


The current MwRSF F-shape temporary concrete barrier system has been tested successfully in both freestanding and tied-down applications. In addition, a transition has been developed between the temporary barriers and rigid concrete barriers for use in roadside applications. Combining these developments makes the concrete temporary barrier system the most complete temporary barrier system available to date. The system and its many variations were developed and tested with funding from the Midwest States Pooled Fund Program and the Florida Department of Tranportation.

Reports & Drawings

  • Steel Barrier Rail Report - TRP-03-20-89
  • PL-2 29" Open Concrete Bridge Rail Report - TRP-03-51-95
  • Temporary F-Shape Median Barrier Report - TRP-03-64-96
  • Temporary Barrier System for Off-Road Applications - TRP-03-066-98
  • TL-2 Low Profile Bridge Rail Report - TRP-03-109-02
  • Temporary Barrier Deflection Limits Report - TRP-03-113-03
  • Temporary Barrier Strap Tie Down Report - TRP-03-115-02
  • Steel H-Section Bolt Down Report - TRP-03-120-03
  • Open Bridge Rail on Inverted Tee Bridge Report - TRP-03-133-04
  • Redesigned F-Shape Bolted Down Report - TRP-03-134-03
  • TL-5 Aesthetic Open Bridge Rail Report - TRP-03-148-05
  • TL-5 Single Faced F-Shape Concrete Barrier Report - TRP-03-149-04
  • Temporary Barrier MASH Pickup Report - TRP-03-173-06
  • Temporary Barrier MASH QuadCab Pickup Report - TRP-03-174-06
  • Temporary Barrier Tie-Down for Asphalt Report - TRP-03-180-06
  • Alternative Anchors for Tiedown Temporary Barriers Report - TRP-03-182-07
  • Temporary Barrier to Median Barrier Transition Report - TRP-03-208-10
  • Temporary Barrier Termination Report - TRP-03-209-09
  • Vertical Faced TCB for Composite Bridge Decks Report - TRP-03-220-09
  • NY DOT Box-Beam Stiffened Unanchored Temporary Barriers Report - TRP-03-202-08
  • NY DOT Pinned Temporary Barrier Report - TRP-03-216-09
  • NY DOT Pinned Temporary Barrier Phase II Report - TRP-03-224-10
  • In-service Evaluation Safety Shape & Vertical Concrete Barriers - TRP-03-259-11
  • Concrete Barrier Attachment to Bridge Decks with Epoxy Concrete Anchors - TRP-03-264-12
  • Retrofit, Low-Deflection PCB System - TRP-03-295-14
  • TL-4 RESTORE Barrier - TRP-03-318-15
  • Journal Papers

  • TRR 1851 - Paper 03-3146 (Tie Down Systems for TCB)
  • TRR 1984 - Paper 06-1276 (Asphalt Tie Down Systems for TCB)
  • TRB Paper 10-0431 (TCB Transition and Termination)
  • Journal of Bridge Engineering - Vertical Faced PCB on FRP Composite Bridge Deck
  • Journal of Transportation Safety & Security - PCB Termination and Anchorage
  • Journal of Transportation Safety & Security - PCB Transition
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