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Development and Evaluation of a Tie-Down System for the Redesigned F-Shape Concrete Temporary Barrier




Karla Lechtenberg (Polivka), Ronald Faller, John Rohde, Jim Holloway, Bob Bielenberg, Dean Sicking




Often, temporary barriers are used in applications where it is desired that their deflection during vehicular impact be limited. One such application is in the installation of temporary barriers placed adjacent to the edge of a concrete bridge deck in order to maximize lane width. Acceptable tie-down systems for temporary barriers have previously been developed, but there are concerns when the barriers and tie-down systems are used on bridges that are reconstructed in stages and where very little tolerance in barrier deflection is allowable. Therefore, a rigid tie-down system was developed that minimizes barrier deflections. For this system, the original Kansas temporary barrier was redesigned in order to strengthen the barrier around the tie-down holes and to standardize the barriers for use in adjacent states and in various temporary and tied-down configurations. The tie-down anchor system fastened the traffic-side of the barriers to the concrete bridge deck with three 29-mm (1.125-in.) diameter ASTM A307 anchor bolts with heavy hex nuts and 76-mm (3-in.) x 76-mm (3-in.) x 13-mm (0.5-in.) thick washers. The research study included one full-scale vehicle crash test, using a 3/4-ton pickup truck. The full-scale test, with an impact speed of 99.8 km/hr (62.0 mph) and an impact angle of 25.3 degrees, was conducted and reported in accordance with the requirements specified in the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report No. 350, Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Features. The safety performance of the tie-down anchor system for use with concrete bridge decks and the redesigned F-shape temporary concrete barrier was determined to be acceptable according to the Test Level 3 (TL-3) evaluation criteria specified in NCHRP Report No. 350.


Highway Safety, Temporary Barriers, Work Zones, Longitudinal Barriers, Concrete Barriers, Concrete Bridge Decks, Roadside Appurtenances, Crash Test, Compliance Test

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