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Full-Scale Vehicle Crash Test on the Iowa Steel Temporary Barrier Rail




Edward Post, Ronald Faller, Brian Pfeifer, Jim Holloway




One full-scale vehicle crash test was conducted on the Iowa Steel Temporary Barrier Rail. Test I5-1 was conducted with at 5,500 pound vehicle at 22.5 degrees and 60.6 mph. The overall test length of the barrier was 200 feet. The barrier was shop fabricated and transported to the test site in 20 foot length sections. The cross-section of the barrier consisted of two stacked steel HP 14x73 (A36) shapes with the edges of the flanges placed back to back and held together by welded steel straps spaced 5 feet on centers. The inside box section between the HP shapes was filled with concrete. The height of the barrier was 29 inches. The 20 foot length sections were bolted together at the test site. The location of the vehicle impact was 100 feet from the end of the barrier installation. This was also the location where two sections were bolted together. The test was evaluated according to the safety criteria in NCHRP 230 and also in the AASHTO guide specifications, performance level 2. The safety performance of the Iowa Steel Temporary Barrier Rail was determined to be satisfactory.


Highway Safety, Roadside Safety, Steel Temporary Barrier Rail, Crash Test, NCHRP 230, AASHTO, PL-2, Compliance Test, Longitudinal Barrier

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