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Dynamic Impact Testing of S 75 x 8.5 Steel Posts (Cable Barrier Posts)




Ritesh Fating, John Reid




Weak steel posts are used in a variety of applications, the significant one being the Three Strand Cable Barrier. Bogie impact testing of weak steel post under various soil conditions was studied. Seventeen crash tests were performed using a bogie weighing 1014 kgs and post impact depth set at 762 mm. The first set of tests, test CPB-2 through CPB-4, were strong axis hits on a standard S75x8.5 steel sections in standard 350 soil. The second set of tests, test CPB-5 through CPB-7 were weak axis impact tests in standard 350 soil. Tests CPB-8 and CPB-9 were strong axis impacts of the posts in native soil, while tests CPB-10 and CPB-11 were weak axis hits in native soil. The next set of tests consisted of the S-section embedded in a sleeve on concrete. The strong axis impacts were tests CPB-12 through CPB-14, while CPB-15 to CPB-17 were weak axis impact tests. The accelerometer meter data was processed and force-deflection curves for the various tests were plotted and discussed. Conclusions were drawn from the discussions. Note: Due to a data processing error this report replaces the report of June 28, 2002 (same Title and number). Changes consist of new Tables 2 and 3, and an entirely new Appendix A.


Highway Safety, Weak Steel Posts, Three Strand Cable, Roadside Appurtenances, Bogie Crash Testing

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