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Full-Scale Vehicle Crash Test on the Iowa Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail Half-Section




Ronald Faller, John Magdaleno, Edward Post




One full-scale vehicle crash test was conducted on the Iowa Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail Half-Section. Test I3-1 was conducted with a 5,386 lb. vehicle at 20 deg. and 60 mph. The installation consisted of ten (10) longitudinally placed Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail Half-Sections, which rested directly on the airport's concrete apron surface. Each section was 10 ft. long. The front face of the barrier resembled the New Jersey Face Shape. The barriers were connected with a 1-in., L-shaped, A-36 steel rod which fit into two sets of cable or wire rope loops embedded into both ends of the concrete barriers. The 1/2-in. wire rope or cable had a minimum breaking strength of 20,000 lbs. One No. 8 rebar was used for reinforcement and was placed 3-in. from the back face and 5-in. above the concrete pavement surface. The point of impact was at the midpoint of the 100 ft. installation between barriers No. 5 and No. 6. The test was evaluated according to the safety criteria in NCHRP 230 and also in the AASHTO guide specifications. The safety performance of the Iowa Temporary Concrete Barrier Rail Half-Section was determined to be unsatisfactory.


Highway Safety, Roadside Safety, Crash Test, Longitudinal Barrier, Temporary Concrete Barrier, NCHRP 230

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