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Full-Scale Vehicle Crash Test on Nebraska Bridge Rail Barrier with a Modified New Jersey Shape




John Magdaleno, Ronald Faller, Edward Post




The New Jersey Shape Barrier is one of the most popular shaped concrete barriers implemented today on American highways. Previous tests using this barrier have shown that it is worthy of being a standard for bridge rail barriers on an international level. This investigation was an attempt to modify the New Jersey Shape Barrier by increasing the 3 inch initial step to 4 1/2 inches. This extra 1 1/2 inches would allow more of an exposed vertical face which is beneficial in applying future deck overlays. To determine whether or not this modification was acceptable, a full-scale crash test was performed on the modified barrier shape using an 1800 lb., 1982 Honda Civic at an impact speed of 60 mph and an impact angle of 20 degrees. The test results showed that a minicompact sedan, such as the 1982 Honda Civic, would likely roll under these test conditions and barrier modifications.


Highway Safety, Roadside Safety, Bridge Rail, New Jersey Shape, Concrete, Longitudinal Barrier, NCHRP 230, Compliance Test

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