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Development of a PCB Steel Cover Plate for Large Open Joints - Phase II




Ryan Bickhaus, Bob Bielenberg, Scott Rosenbaugh, Ronald Faller, Sagheer Ranjha




Portable concrete barriers (PCBs) are commonly used to protect work-zone personnel and to shield motorists from hazards in construction areas. It is not uncommon to encounter longitudinal gaps within PCB installations due to the practice of constructing and connecting the barriers from different ends during setup or contractor operations. Longitudinal gaps can also be created due to tensioning issues following an impact event. These gaps can range from 6 in. (152 mm) to a full barrier segment length of 12.5 ft (3.8 m). Longitudinal gaps between adjacent installations of PCB systems pose a serious safety concern for the errant motorist. The objective of this research study was to develop a treatment for shielding the longitudinal gaps that occur between adjacent installations of PCB systems. The research conducted in this Phase II effort focused on the evaluation of the stiffened, thrie-beam, gap-spanning, hardware that was developed in the Phase I research effort. A test installation composed of 15 PCBs with a longitudinal gap between the eighth and ninth barriers was selected, and full-scale crash testing was conducted on the gap-spanning hardware. Test nos. GSH-1 and GSH-2 were conducted to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware 2016 (MASH 2016) test designation no. 3-11 in order to evaluate the thrie-beam, gap-spanning hardware of the PCB system. The tests were selected to evaluate the length of need of the system, as well as the transition from the gap-spanning hardware to the PCBs. In both tests, the 2270P vehicle was contained and safely redirected. Recommendations were also provided for system implementation and future installation and are detailed within the report.


Highway Safety, Crash Test, Roadside Appurtenances, Compliance Test, MASH 2016, Portable Concrete Barrier, PCB, Lateral Deflection, Thrie-Beam, Gap-Spanning Hardware, Transition

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