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Design and Evaluation of High-Tension Cable Median Barrier Hardware




Jeffrey Thiele, Bob Bielenberg, Ronald Faller, Dean Sicking, John Rohde, John Reid, Karla Lechtenberg, Jim Holloway




Static and dynamic testing of components for use in the high-tension cable median barrier, accompanied by results and conclusions, are presented in this report. Components tested included cable-to-post attachments, end-fittings, and cable splices. The cable-to-post attachment selected for use in the high-tension cable median barrier is a curved keyway bracket. This attachment was found capable of sustaining the target load of approximately 6,000 lbs when loaded laterally, while releasing the cable under vertical loads of approximately 1,000 lbs. These loads were selected as they develop the full capacity of the posts used in the median barrier and ensure that all of the cables are not pulled under the impacting vehicle as the posts deflect. The Bennett Bolt Works, Inc. low-tension end-fitting with a 0.875-in. threaded rod and the Armor Flex cable splice were selected for use in the cable median barrier. These components were required to develop the full capacity of the 0.75-in. diameter, 3x7 wire rope used in the barrier, or a load of approximately 39 kips. Both of these components were found capable of meeting this criterion.


High-tension, median, cable barrier, cable hardware, crash test, highway safety, roadside appurtenances

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