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MASH 2016 Evaluation of a Non-Proprietary Type III Barricade


TRP-03-394-18 Revision-1


Jennifer Rasmussen (Schmidt), Tyler Langel, Nathan Asselin, Mojdeh Asadollahipajouh, Ronald Faller




Several work-zone traffic control devices have not yet been evaluated to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTOs) Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, Second Edition (MASH 2016) safety performance criteria. Devices commonly used by Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative state sponsors were summarized. A non-proprietary Type III barricade was selected for testing, as no non-proprietary barricades had been evaluated to MASH 2016. The Type III barricade had 8-ft (2.4-m) long plastic barricade panels, a 30-in. x 48-in. (762-mm x 1,219-mm) aluminum sign attached to the top two plastic barricade panels. The 2-in. (51-mm) square legs and 1-in. (44-mm) square uprights were 14-gauge perforated square steel tube. The barricade also had two warning lights attached at the top of each upright. The Type III barricade was tested to MASH 2016 test designation no. 3-71 with a 2,426-lb (1,100-kg) small car. One barricade was impacted at a speed of 64.7 mph (104.1 km/h) and at an impact angle of 90 degrees, and the other barricade was impacted at a speed of 61.2 mph (98.5 km/h) and an impact angle of 0 degrees. Both tests successfully met all evaluation criteria in MASH 2016 for test designation no. 3-71.


barricade, compliance test, crash test, highway safety, MASH 2016, road closed barricade, roadside appurtenances, Type III barricade, work zone device

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