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Universal Breakaway Steel Post for Other Applications




Craig Price, Tyler Schmidt, Bob Bielenberg, Karla Lechtenberg, Ronald Faller, John Reid




The Universal Breakaway Steel Post (UBSP) was developed and evaluated to replace the existing Controlled Release Terminal (CRT) wood posts which were used in the original bullnose guardrail system. Previously, three full-scale crash tests were performed on the thrie beam bullnose barrier with UBSPs, and the UBSP was determined to be a suitable alternative for the CRT posts. However, the UBSP was modified prior to the completion of the full-scale tests, and dynamic component testing was not conducted to compare the post behaviors. Therefore, a series of nine component tests were conducted in soil to compare the weak- and strong-axis properties between the UBSPs and CRT posts. As part of the component testing, one of the weak-axis tests involving the UBSP was conducted with a reused lower section of the post; since, the original development of the UBSP recommended reuse as long as the lower section was undamaged and displaced less than in. (13 mm). From the testing series, it was determined that the performance of the UBSP indicated a strong potential for these posts to be utilized in other applications. However, UBSP should first be evaluated through engineering analysis and full-scale crash testing before implementation.


Highway Safety, Roadside Appurtenances, Dynamic Test, Guardrail Posts, Wood Posts, UBSP, Universal Breakaway Steel Post, Equivalency, Safety, and CRT

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