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Full-Scale 18,000 lb. Vehicle Crash Test on the Iowa Retrofit Concrete Barrier Rail




Brian Pfeifer, Jim Holloway, Ronald Faller, Edward Post




Two full-scale vehicle crash tests were conducted on the Iowa Retrofit Concrete Barrier Rail. Test I4-1 was conducted with a 17,814 lb. test vehicle at 15.6 degrees and 44.8 mph. Test I4-2 was conducted with the same vehicle, after the damage was repaired, at 15.1 degrees and 49.9 mph. The point of impact for both tests was located 22.5 ft. from the upstream end of the retrofit barrier. The total length of the installation was 100 ft. It consisted of 86 ft. of standard retrofit concrete barrier rail section and 7 ft. of concrete endwall section on each end of the standard retrofit section. Two construction joints were located 35 ft. inward from both ends of the installation. The tests were evaluated according to the safety criteria in the AASHTO guide specifications, performance level 2. The safety performance of the Iowa Retrofit Concrete Barrier Rail was determined to be satisfactory.


Highway Safety, Roadside Safety, Crash Test, Concrete Barrier Rail, AASHTO, PL-2, Longitudinal Barrier

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