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Guiderail Attachment

State NJ
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Hope all is well. I have a quick question - A county road is proposed to use TL-2 Guiderail while the bridge railing is proposed as TL-3. In this case, for Guiderail attachment and transition system to the bridge pylon, should we use TL-3 or TL-2?  


As always, thank you very much for your help!


Approach Guardrail Transitions (AGTs)

Date August 30, 2022
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In general, it would be acceptable to use either a TL-3 or TL-2 AGT in that situation. However it may be more practical and easier to implement if one uses TL-2 for both the guardrail and AGT. For example, a full length, TL-3 AGT would be much and would potentially be stiffer on the upstream end than the TL-2 guardrail you are planning to attach it to.


Additionally, attachment of lower test level transitions to higher level bridge rails is relatively common. For example, TL-3 AGTs are commonly attached to TL-4 and 5 bridge rails. 


Let me know if that helps, or if you need more information.


Date September 1, 2022
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