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Dynamic Testing and Evaluation of Culvert-Mounted, Strong-Post MGS to TL-3 Guidelines of MASH 2016

State WI
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Can the 1” bolt that attached the plate to the concrete be Grade 55?


W-beam Guardrails

Systems to Shield Culverts


Date July 21, 2022
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As the bolts that anchor the post base plates to the concrete are not intended to provide energy dissipation, but only to provide adequate strength, ASTM F1554 Gr 55 bolts could be substituted for A307 Gr A bolts specified in the test report.


ASTM F1554 Gr 55 bolts have higher required tensile strength versus ASTM A307 Gr A: 75 – 95 ksi min. for F1554 Gr 55 vs 60 ksi min. for A307 Gr A.


Although it should not be necessary, it is reassuring that F1554 Gr 55 also has more stringent elongation requirements than A307 Gr A: 21% in 2 in., min. for F1554 Gr 55 vs 18% in 2 in., min. for A307 Gr A.


Date July 22, 2022
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