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Minimum PCB Radius

State FL
Description Text Do you know what minimum possible radius the 12.5’ Pin-and-Loop PCB developed by MwRSF can be installed on? I’m not asking from a
crashworthiness perspective, I just need to know the minimum practical installation radius. However, if you also know of any minimum PCB
radius installation guidance, I will take that as well. I found several references to flare/taper rates but that doesn’t help my current situation
of needing to continue the PCB through the radius at an intersecting side street.

  • Temporary Barriers
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Date April 22, 2020

See if this is what you are looking for. I took our barrier model and installed three of them with the toes touching to make the smallest radius I could get.


his results in a 36.7 ft radius in CAD. In reality it may be a little less, but somewhere around 40 ft for the radius is a pretty good estimate.


As you mentioned, this does not reflect crashworthiness, only the minimum potential radius. I don’t believe that there is crash testing on minimum radius PCBs. GMU recently looked at curvature for longitudinal barriers. That may be the most updated guidance we have.


There will be a safe limit as increased curvature would increase the effect impact angle and severity and tend to increase vehicle climb and instability. However, I don’t believe that has been defined. Vertical shape PCBs would improve the climb and stability aspect.


Let me know if that helps or if you need more information.

Date April 22, 2020
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