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Bridge End Connection - Retrofit for 3R Projects

State KY
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Kentucky is looking for a bridge end connector detail for our 3R projects.  Our current MASH compliant bridge end connector is a thrie-beam connection to single-slope concrete bridge wall.  Most of our existing bridges have New Jersey safety shape 34” tall bridge walls; we believe these existing bridge walls to be 350-compliant but not MASH.  We plan to leave 350-compliant bridge walls in-use.  We need transition details from a NJ barrier to the thrie-beam bridge connection.  Are you aware of a bridge end connector detail for this situation?


Approach Guardrail Transitions (AGTs)

Transition and Attachment Structures

Date January 29, 2024
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Speaking only to the connection between thrie beam and a NJ shape concrete barrier, see the linked report below.  The test article contained a connection assembly for this very purpose.


Now, connecting an new AGT to existing concrete bridge rail can be complicated.  You should consider rail height, the span length between the first transition post and the bridge rail, vehicle snag potential above and below the rail (especially on the toe of a NJ shape), etc…   We are concluding a similar project about connecting AGT to existing bridge rails for the Nebraska DOT.  When the report for this project is complete, I can send you a copy.  It likely won’t be directly applicable to your bridge rails, but a similar methodology could be used to treat your existing bridge rails.  The DRAFT report should be completed this week.


Date February 1, 2024
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