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Design and Evaluation of a High-Tension Cable Median Barrier Attachment




Benjamin Dickey, Cody Stolle, Bob Bielenberg, Ronald Faller, Dean Sicking, John Reid, Karla Lechtenberg, Scott Rosenbaugh




Dynamic testing of a cable-to-post attachment for a high-tension cable median barrier design is described in this report. Many variations of a keyway bolt that connected a high-tension cable to an S-shaped steel post were designed and tested. This attachment was found capable of sustaining a target load of approximately 8.00 kips (35.59 kN) when loaded laterally, while releasing the cable vertically at a load close to 1.00 kips (4.45 kN). These loads were selected to develop the full moment capacity of the posts in cable median barriers while ensuring that the cables are not pulled down as the posts deflect. Six full scale dynamic bogie tests were conducted to test the behavior of the keyway bolt attachments when loaded in a manner similar to an actual crash. These tests showed favorable results and the cable clip developed was recommended for use in the high-tension cable barrier system.


High-Tension, Median, Cable Barrier, Cable Hardware, Crash Test, Highway Safety, Roadside Appurtenances

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