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Full-Scale 5,400 lb. Vehicle Crash Test on the Iowa W-Beam Approach Guardrail to the Concrete Safety Shape Bridge Rail




Ronald Faller, Syed Ataullah, Brian Pfeifer, Jim Holloway, Edward Post




One full-scale vehicle crash test was conducted on the Iowa W-Beam Approach Guardrail Transition Section to the Concrete Safety Shape Bridge Rail. Test I6-1 was conducted with a 5,420 lb. vehicle at 20.0 degrees and 61.45 mph. The overall test length of the installation was 64 ft. - 6 3/4 in. The installation consisted for four major components: (1) concrete safety shape, bridge rail end-section, (2) the w-beam approach guardrail sections, (3) the w-beam breakaway end anchorage, and (4) the w-beam terminal connector. The concrete end-section was 7 ft. long and 2 ft. - 8 in. high. A 6-in. concrete curb was constructed 13 ft. beyond the end of the concrete end-section. The w-beam approach guardrail section consisted of 62 ft. - 6 in. of 12 guarge standard w-beam. The top of the w-beam was installed at a mounting height of 27-in. The w-beam was supported by 13 timber posts. The design consisted of three 10-in. by 10-in. posts, eight 8-in. by 8-in. posts, and two 6-in. by 8-in. posts. The post spacing between post 1 through 7 and 7 through 13 was 3 ft. - 1 1/2 in. and 6 ft. - 3 in., respectively. The point of impact was 15 ft. upstream from the end of the concrete end-section between posts 5 and 6. The test was evaluated according to the safety criteria in NCHRP 230 and also in the AASHTO guide specifications. The safety performance of the Iowa W-Beam Approach Guardrail Transition Section was determined to be satisfactory.


Highway Safety, Roadside Safety, Approach Guardrail, W-beam, Concrete Bridge Rail, Terminal, Crash Test, NCHRP 230, Curb, Compliance Test

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